Our Philosophy


We see each client as an individual and the therapeutic relationship as a powerful vessel, which can enable the clientís healing and growth.

 We will therefore endeavour to form a healthy, professional, therapeutic relationship with each individual client and then together we can work towards the individualís healing by way of appropriate goals, mutually decided upon.

 However, the therapeutic relationship needs the client to actually want to make that change to enable the ultimate healing and growth of the clientís maximum potential. We therefore need commitment from the client that they really want this change, in order for us to work together as a professional equal partnership. In return we will show equal commitment, offering appropriate support and assistance to you in exploring your problems, but we cannot do all the work for you. Your best healing and growth will be attained by how much you are prepared to put in to the therapy. We believe this professional relationship is the most significant factor, enabling each individual to move on in his or her own way.

 The foundation or essential ingredient to this relationship is TRUST, and we appreciate this takes time to build or learn to trust a stranger, especially if in the past our trust has been misused by others. However, we will endeavour to provide the right environment[1] and circumstances for our relationship to develop professionally, in order for us to use the relationship to encourage your ultimate growth and therefore healing.

[1] We comply with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Code of Ethics and Practice.